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Well, this is it, my website.

A lot of hours have gone into creating this site, and I've spent a lot of time ripping my hair out over many of its features. But I've learned a great deal in the process, too. Everything on this website is hard-coded from scratch - I don't use any editors for it except straight text editors (AppleWorks 6 for writing HTML and Javascript, and Pico for writing Perl code). I'm actually pretty proud of that, since I learned all of it on my own from little online tutorials and documents I downloaded. And now I have a working, interactive, somewhat interesting website built entirely out of 100% original code.

This is the third website I have built and put online; the first was a squadron page that I threw together for my old Warbirds squadron, back when I was still flying and my computer was still able to handle the game. That website is now defunct, for obvious reasons. The second was www.418squadron.ca, the site I built for the 418 Squadron Association. I think I'm slowly getting better at web design, though I must admit I didn't put as much effort into my menubar on this site as I did on the 418 site (that menubar required about eight pages of JavaScript code), but maybe someday I'll upgrade it.